How much space do you need? 
As much space as you can spare. We love to dance! Our minimum requirement is 4x2 metres. Extra space is required for lighting, depending on the package that you choose.

How is it best to time things? 
We arrive at whatever time suits you and your event but we do like to arrive in plenty of time so our set up is 100% perfect for the festivites! Timings are not set in stone and we completely understand that events often don't run to schedule, so we are totally flexible and will happily work around catering, speeches, other entertainment etc. If we are required to set up more than one hour before our agreed start time, additional costs may apply.

Can I pick from your playlist? 
Yes you can. We always welcome suggestions and favourite songs you would like us to perform. But from past experience we feel it's always best to see what works well on the day so we can give you a night to remember. 

Where will you travel? 
We don't have a limit on how far we will travel, but it may mean a POA if it's somewhere we don't normally travel to. Please also take into consideration that we do charge a travel fee on top of your quote if you are out of our local area of South East Kent.

Can I see you play live? 
Absolutely! Just take a look at our gig listings page and come say hi!

Will you learn our special song? 
Yes we are happy to learn your special song or first dance as long as we have enough time to learn it. 

Is the media on your website a true reflection of you? 
Yes, but we are much better live.

How do we book you? 
Please go to our contact form page where you will find all sorts of ways to get in touch.

Are you able to DJ in between sets? 
Yes, we offer a DJ package for an extra fee, or music between the performances to keep your guests dancing.

Can we make DJ requests in advance? 

Can we use your sound system for speeches? 
You are welcome to use our PA system for your speeches. Depending on what package you choose is depending on what equipment is available, please check with us at the time of booking.

What equipment do you use? 
we use a mixture of equipment, we use a Bose system or JBL Eon One for smaller functions, for bigger events we use a sound engineer with QSC and Allen and Heath sound system, Shure Radio microphones, and a mixture of PAR, LED Lighting, and moving head lights to give a great party atmosphere! – it doesn’t matter the size venue, we can ensure the sound and lighting is the correct specification for your special event.

Do you have lights? 
Yes, we have large selection of lighting, static stage lighting, disco type lighting, LED Backdrop, moving head lights, and much more, lighting selection depends on the package that is booked. For a wedding or birthday party, we can provide a fantastic light display.

How long do you play for? 
We usually play two one-hour sets. This can also be divided into three 40 minute sets if you prefer.

What time do you start and finish? 
Whatever time is relevant. We work closely with the coordinator and yourself to perform when best suited. 

How long do you take to set up? 
We always say at least 1 hour so we're not rushing but we do like to arrive in plenty of time to get the sound and lighting set up just right!

Can I professionally book you? 

Can someone get up and sing with you? 
Ideally not as we wouldn't want anyone to steal our thunder (teehehe).

What will you wear? 
Whatever is suitable for the event.

Do you have PAT and PLI certificates? 

Why should I book Here Come the Girls?
Between us we have over 20 years' experience working in the industry. We cater to all needs and fit into any situation. With a lengthy repertoire and hundreds of live performances under our belt we will give you the best entertainment and leave you happy in the fact that you booked the right act. 

How much does it cost to book you? 
Our standard fee starts at only £450 depending on the package you book with us

Where can I see some previous client testimonials? 
Please take a look at our testimonials page!

Do Here Come the Girls have any special requirements? 
To have enough space to perform and that our equipment is safe from being knocked over by over-enthusiastic revellers or having drink spilt on it. If your event requires us to be at the venue for longer than four hours we will require light refreshments (a nice pot of tea and a plate of sandwiches will be just lovely.) If you need us to set up before your guests arrive and there is a lengthy waiting time between setting up and our performance we will also need a suitable room in which we can get changed and freshen up.

What type/size venues are you able to play at? 
From small intimate venues with a handful of people to larger function rooms, village halls, marquees etc. We are happy to perform outside but will require adequate protection for our equipment from the temperamental Great British weather, such as a gazebo or small marquee.

How loud will you be? 
We will be as loud or as quiet as you would like us to be for your event. We will carry out a sound check once we are set up to get the levels right for the room.  We are very conscious about how we come across so sound levels are very important to us. If, during our performance, you or your guests think we are too loud (or not loud enough!) just let us know so we can put it right.


What are Here Come the Girls Power Requirements? 
A standard 13amp double plug socket close to our performance area minimum. – if in a marquee and using a generator please check with us before hand for specification.

Do Here Come the Girls offer any additional services? 
Yes, please refer to our package page.


Do you offer solo singer packages?

Yes of course. We can fly solo for your event if need be and if your budget will only cater for one of us. The decision is yours!! We always say we are better as two :-)

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